ROL Introduces Electronic Learning Management System for Tutors

Raajje Online (ROL) has introduced an electronic learning management system for tutors.

It was a long-standing initiative of ROL to uphold child welfare and education in the community through various programs, the decision to host its own Learning Management System and provide support to the community stemmed amidst the ongoing Covid-19 crisis and the necessity created by the pandemic, to establish safe online solutions and systems for continued education for our children.

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Hence, ROL offers an E-LMS (Electronic Learning Management System) solution for local schools, colleges, universities, and education institutes.

Its new E-LMS for private tutoring, ROL LMS-TUTOR, is aimed at local academic subject and class tuition teachers, Tutors, instructors, and experts organizing various creative arts and personal welfare, practical, and lifestyle classes.

Some applicable users include:

  • Academic subject teachers
  • Quran class teachers
  • Cake making course teachers
  • Hairdressing course teachers
  • Fashion designing course teachers
  • Gym teachers and more.

The aim of this new, first-to-market initiative is to facilitate tools and platforms for easy online academic learning and providing innovative support to the education sector, learning institutes, creative arts and lifestyle enthusiasts to establish and foster an online learning culture.

The various features of the ROL LMS-TUTOR are designed to make teaching easy and interactive. With features such as video conferencing, PowerPoint presentations, electronic whiteboard, video recording, and user management, tutors can utilize their skills and explain lessons easily and in detail to the students just like in a physical face to face environment but at the comfort of their home or own space.

The benefits are not for the tutors alone, students can take advantage of digital content sharing, online research, and group interactions for information and resource sharing not to mention the ease of online connectivity from anywhere, anytime on any type of device.

Since our E-LMS is hosted locally, tutors and students on the ROL network can use the service without any deduction from their subscribed ROL package allowance.

ROL offers a free 14-day trial for any interested party and a free demo session for the introduction of the system features and experiences a Locally developed & hosted E-LMS solution, with fast & secure cloud connectivity. Using LMS will leave you satisfied with its ease & simplicity, of its functionality, performance & value.

If you wish to experience ROL LMS-TUTOR, visit to learn more about the product and its many features, or call our customer care hotline at 133.

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