RTL Unveils Fares for Huvadhoo Atoll Ferry Services

The government has revealed and gazetted the official fares for the Rajje Transport Link (RTL) Ferry Zone 5, covering GA and GDh atolls. Starting from 20th July 2023, passengers will be required to purchase tickets for their travels.

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The RTL Ferry Services in Huvadhoo Atoll were inaugurated on 13th July 2023. To promote customer awareness and ensure familiarity with the new service, a one-week trial period with free travel was implemented. During this trial period, passengers were able to enjoy the ferry service without any cost.

Following the conclusion of the trial period, commencing on 20th July 2023, passengers will be required to purchase tickets to use its services. 

The RTL Ferry Services will be available seven days a week, and passengers will have the convenience of choosing from nine different routes. 

To assist passengers in planning their journeys, the RTL ferry schedule will be accessible through the RTL travel app and the RTL website. This will enable passengers to stay informed about the departure and arrival times of the ferries, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free travel experience.

To view the established fees for this route, please visit this link: https://www.gazette.gov.mv/iulaan/248774

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