Salon Maldives Introduces Beauty Cycle Initiative

The beauty industry is no stranger to the global plastic problem. Although Salon Maldives is dedicated to collaborating with sustainable brands and products, they recognise that completely eliminating plastic is an enormous challenge. They have an inspiring solution to address their plastic footprint.

Salon Maldives introduced the Beauty Cycle initiative, a commitment to collecting a wide range of empty beauty containers and ensuring their responsible recycling and re-use through partnerships with renowned international organisations such as Parley for the Oceans. These organisations have a track record of dedicated environmental work, aimed at preserving the planet. Dedicated Beauty Cycle collection bins have been set up at both Nada Salon and Nada Clinic, establishments under the Salon Maldives brand.

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Maldives being a country vulnerable to the negative effects of climate change, Salon Maldives feels it’s their duty to offset their plastic use as much as possible and take meaningful action towards environmental sustainability.

“We are passionate about making a difference in the beauty industry and beyond,” said Nada, CEO & Founder at Salon Maldives. “By launching the Beauty Cycle initiative, we are taking a significant step toward a more sustainable future, one that prioritises the health of our planet.”

Salon Maldives invites individuals, businesses, and beauty enthusiasts to join them in their mission for a sustainable future. Together, they aspire to make a world of difference and set a positive example for the beauty industry.

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