Sanken Overseas Pvt Ltd Donates Thermal Scanner to Government

Tourism Minister Ali Waheed receives a high-end thermal scanner (Satir Fever Screening System – Hotfind -S with Blackberry) donated from Sanken Overseas Pvt ltd to the government of Maldives.

Sanken Overseas has stated that they believe there is a huge role the private sector can play in supporting and contributing to the cause.

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They have also expressed their gratitude towards the government and Ministry of Tourism for the proactiveness and adapting to the processes.

Sanken Overseas has been operating in Maldives for many years in the tourism and construction industry having completed many of the luxury resort construction projects. Sanken Overseas is also the majority shareholder of Crystal Plaza Resorts Pvt Ltd, owning company of Amari Havodda Maldives.

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