SATA 2017 launched in Addu City


South Asian Travel Awards (SATA) 2017 was launched on October 27 in Equator Village, Addu City. The event was launched with “opportunity and conversation networking” session, in which regional airlines, hotels, resorts and other hospitality organisations participated.

Addressing the event, Vice President of SATA, Mr Suraj Khan said that there are ongoing efforts to improve and advance SATA Awards each year. Additionally, he highlighted that this year the number of participating countries increased to 5 from the 3 countries that used to participate previously.

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During the event, all of SATA partners were presented with tokens of appreciation.

After the networking event on 28 October, “Island Festival” organised by Women’s Development Committee of Addu City will be put on a show for the participants of SATA  2017.

According to the event manager High Rise, this festival will comprise the demonstration of craftsmanship and inventiveness of the people of Addu City.

Meanwhile, the hospitality service providers in the City are appreciating this moment of exposure and using it to their best advantage by showcasing services and prospects in the city.

SATA 2017 will be concluded with a GALA dinner held on the evening of 28th October 2017.

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