Say Hello to Komas Beauty, The First Ever Maldivian Makeup Brand!

Local talent in the Maldives never ceases to amaze, and this fact has once again come to light with the arrival of Komas Beauty. As Maldives’ first ever makeup line, Komas Beauty took the world of social media by storm after its launch. On 25 October, the brand introduced its debut product, an eyeshadow palette dubbed ‘Moodhu’.

Komas Beauty was founded by a 25-year-old Maldivian, to express her endless passion for makeup and beauty. According to her, the idea of producing a local makeup line has been on her mind for the last two years. After months of testing in 2019, the design and shades of the ‘Moodhu’ palette were finalised in January this year.

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The inspiration behind ‘Moodhu’ was to create complementary colours to flatter brown skin tones, while retaining the high pigmentation quality of upscale global brands, such as MAC or Huda Beauty.

The palette consists of 12 distinct shades. The colours vary from a range of blue, green, and neutral tones, highly reminiscent of a Maldivian seascape. The founder’s love for the Maldives is evident even in the names of the shades; names like ‘Vina’, ‘Kandu’, ‘Fattaru’ or ‘Kaashi’, which sound like an ode to our country’s natural beauty and roots.

On the cover of the palette, you can also see an array of drawn-on flowers and fish, illustrated by none other than the founder herself.

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