Schengen Visa to be made available in the Maldives this year

Maldives Ambassador the European Union, Mr Ahmed Shiaan (Photo: Avas)

Maldives ambassador to the European Union (EU) Ahmed Shiaan has stated that Schengen visa will be made available in the Maldives this year.

In an interview given to local news PSM, Ambassador Shiaan has explained that work has been on-going since 2017 to make Schengen visa available in the Maldives. Ambassador Shiaan is confident that all works will be completed soon enough.

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Ambassador has stated that majority of the work will be done in the upcoming three to four months.

Maldivians have to currently apply for Schengen visa by travelling to Colombo, Srilanka. However, EU officials sometimes travel to the Maldives for the visa application process.

A lot of Maldivians are living in EU countries to pursue their higher studies, and a lot of Maldivians visit EU countries for vacation as well.

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