Scoot to Stop Flying to Maldives

Photo : Business Traveller

Scoot will be suspending their flights to four cities including Maldives due to weak demand and aircraft shortage. The four cities are Lucknow ; India, Kalibo ; Phillipines, Quanzhou ; South-East China and Male ; Maldives.

They currently fly to Lucknow, Kalibo and Quanzhou three times a week, and four times a week for Male. The last flights will fly on June 29 for Lucknow, June 30 for Kalibo, August 24 and October 25 for Male.

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For customers who have already made bookings after the last flight, they have offered them to move up their bookings to before the suspensions. They also offered any customers who would like to collect a refund to do so via either their original mode of payment or a Scoot Travel Voucher.

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