SeaLife Housing issue to be tackled outside court


Within President Yameen’s regime, people who paid in advance for the 3,000 housing units to be built in Hulhumale under an announcement by Hulhumale Development Corporation (HDC) back in 2014 have filed cases against HDC.

While the senior management of SeaLife, the company who contracted with HDC for the project, have fled the country with the money, HDC is currently trying to solve the issue out of court with negotiations to avoid a lawsuit.

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While cases have been filed against HDC, the 200 people who paid for the housing want their housing or money back.

SeaLife has also filed a case against HDC stating that their contract was not followed through. This case was filed by the staff who paid for the housing and are now currently negotiating with HDC out of court.

According to the Managing Director of HDC, Mr. Hassan Shah, SeaLife has offered to renew the contract after HDC pays the public the sum of MVR 24 million to the 200 people.

Maldives has currently issued an interpol alert to find the Managing Director of SeaLife, Ahmed Moosa (Ammaty). He was last known to be staying in Sri Lanka.

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