Secure Your Business Networks with Dhiraagu Cloud Unified Threat Management (UTM) Solution

With the growing need for securing and protecting business-critical data and systems, Dhiraagu introduces Cloud UTM – a cloud-based Unified Threat Management solution dedicated to providing  security and internet management services for guesthouses, hotels and medium to large enterprise  customers to manage their Network & Internet Connectivity Infrastructure. This solution is offered over Dhiraagu Biz Fibre Broadband service to provide additional internet security. 

Unified Threat Management solution has become crucial for businesses with the emergence of  mixed cyber threats including different types of malware and network attacks. Preventing these  types of attacks can be a challenge when using separate applications, as each security function  requires an individual solution and threat management process. 

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Dhiraagu Cloud UTM offers a unified solution where it creates a single point of defence, assisting  businesses to deal with multiple threats. This solution also enables customers to; 

– Control and optimize their existing internet bandwidth 

– Restrict unwanted user access to network based on policies set by the business – Access a centralized, cloud-based platform to monitor internet usage in real-time 

Dhiraagu is committed to serving all its business customers beyond connectivity and continues to  be the digital transformation partner of choice.  

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