Several Countries Ease the Restriction and Re-open the Economy

Several European and American countries are easing the lockdown restrictions and re-opening their economy despite the virus has not been fully controlled in those countries. Such countries include New Zealand, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, and Turkey.

Turkey has announced that it will be re-opening half of the economy by next week. Turkey will be easing travel restrictions in 7 provinces and permit businesses such as salons to re-open. Also, they will be opening universities on 15th June.

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On the other hand, Italy has already begun to re-open its economy. Premier Giuseppe Conte has laid out a timetable for getting back to normal, announcing that factories, construction sites, and wholesale supply businesses can resume activity. While Italy has eased the restrictions, they have made wearing masks and maintaining social distance compulsory.

Spain has also eased restriction, even though the country still acknowledge that their outbreaks are far from over. Spain has also made wearing masks and practicing social distancing compulsory, and had opened salons and small café and restaurants.

New Zealand has received praise globally for the effective control of its outbreak and timely measures. The country is now focusing on re-opening the economy. New Zealand has re-opened government institutes, cafés and restaurants, factories, wholesale and retail stores, and Salons. As Italy and Spain, New Zealand has also made wearing masks and social distancing compulsory.

Belgian is slowly re-opening the economy as well. They have re-opened small businesses and have declared limited ease in travel restrictions. Other institutes are planned to re-open by the end of May month.

Germany has re-opened factories and businesses, and are planning to re-open educational institutes with strict precautionary measures.

Asian countries are preparing for the re-opening of the economy as well. Vietnam has re-opened its schools and factories. Pakistan has re-opened businesses, markets, and salons.

Countries are re-opening the economy with strict precautionary measures, such as making wearing masks and social distancing compulsory. Hence, Maldives can also issue strict precautionary measures to prevent a second wave of the virus due to the re-opening of the economy.

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