Sh. Bilehfahi Island Highlights Administration’s Developmental Initiatives With the President

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih met on Sunday with members of the island council and Women’s Development Committee (WDC) of Bilehfahi Island in the North Miladhunmadulu Atoll. The discussions at the meeting held at the President’s Office focused on the island community’s most pertinent needs and developmental requirements.

At the meeting, the council members noted the numerous developmental projects initiated by the administration and stated that 95 per cent of the projects pledged by the President are currently in progress.

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The council members shared community concerns related to the harbour expansion project, including difficulties in using the entry channel and docking vessels for repairs, and asked the President to expand the project scope to address these concerns. They also highlighted the need to develop a youth centre and facilitate opportunities for sports.

Other topics discussed at the meeting included the need for road construction, coastal protection, and expediting the airport development project. The council members also shared concerns about the proposed waste management centre.

Members of the WDC shared with the President their concerns about budget constraints, the lack of dedicated office space, and the need for a women’s indoor gym. The President and the representatives also spoke about the needs of the Kanditheemu Constituency.

Speaking at the meeting, the President assured that projects for which the budget has been secured will proceed as planned. The President also informed the council members that the airport development project would commence soon and that the concerns of the WDC members would be looked into. He also assured that the government would try to accommodate requests regarding the scope of the harbour project.

Before concluding, the council members expressed their appreciation to the President for listening to their concerns and agreeing to find amicable solutions.

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