Shahbaan Fahmy Elected as MMC President, Hussain Sageef as Vice President!

Maldives Media Council (MMC) has yesterday elected Sangu TV’s News Head Shahbaan Fahmy as President, and Editor of Thiladhun Hussain Sageef as Vice President.

The very first council meeting of 6th term council members was held yesterday, to Elect the President and Vice President for the council’s 6th term of MMC. While there are a total of 15 members in the council, one was absent from the introductory meeting.

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Apart from Shahbaan Fahmy, two other candidates ran for MMC President: PSM’s Ali Hussain, and Ahmed Shafaau, who had secured his council seat as an independent member. While Shahbaan Fahmy won with 6 votes, Ali Hussain and Ahmed Shafaau won 5 and 3 votes respectively.

Hussain Sageef won by default, as he was the only one to run for Vice President of the council.

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