Shallow Lagoon Rasdhoo Becomes Second Guesthouse in Rasdhoo to ban Single-use Plastics

Shallow Lagoon Rasdhoo has become the second Guesthouse in Alif Alif Rasdhoo to ban single use plastics. They began their adoption of this environmental practice with the use of glass bottles.

“We took forward the step to support and act for single use plastic as we would like to sustain our environment that is being praised and advertised around the globe,” said the Manager of Shallow Lagoon Rasdhoo, Mr. Firaag Ahmed. “We would like generations to come, to enjoy what we had and not what they could’ve had, if we took that step towards saving and sustaining environment! Single use plastic is like a bad habit built into our lazy life. We have changed. Now it’s your time to change your way of life.”

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President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has also launched a campaign to minimize single-use plastics.  “With more than 280,000 plastic water bottles used daily in the Capital Male’ alone, the prevalence of plastic such as bags, bottles, and wrappers in the Maldives is at a worrying level,” said President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Following the example set by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, Foreign Ministry chooses an alternative to single-use plastic, with Minister Shahid launching a campaign to minimize single-use plastic in the Maldives Foreign Affairs, in its efforts to protect and preserve the environment.

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