Shaping a generation of talented young individuals is a top priority – President

Speaking at Buruni School’s 50th Anniversary celebrations held on 29th of August at the school in Buruni Island, Kolhumadulu Atoll, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said that shaping a generation of talented and well-educated young individuals is the top priority of his administration’s education policy.

The President congratulated the school on achieving the impressive milestone of reaching their Golden Jubilee and continued his remarks by highlighting that shaping a generation who follow the great tenets of Islam and have a spirit of love and loyalty for their country, academic excellence by itself no longer suffices.

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He noted that it is essential that students have a complete education, learning both academic and practical skills to allow them to succeed in life. The President also noted that this can be achieved through appraising the Maldives’ national progress, development, and societal growth to reinvigorate the education system and keep up with the pace of international education models.

Moreover, the President remarked that studies have indicated the importance of early childhood educators who speak the native language of the children and that plans are underway for a program to train primary school teachers. He stressed that the most essential role of any parent or guardian is to ensure that the child they raise is happy, healthy and a proud contributing member of society.

The President also reiterated that Maldives’ vision of Jazeera Raajje can only be achieved with the strength of all members of the community working together and doing their part.

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