Shops, cafes and restaurants can be operated for 24 hours at a fee of MVR 2000

Ministry of Economic Development stated that shops, cafes and restaurants have the authority to request for permission to operate for 24 hours at a fee of 2000 rufiyaa.

In the amendment published in the gazette it says that there are certain criteria to be met before being issued the permission to operate for 24 hours. For instance, the space should be well lit and should have a CCTV camera that runs all 24 hours with a sign on display that reads 24/7. Such cafes and restaurants also have a smoking ban from midnight 1 AM to 4:30 AM  in the dawn.

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The permission can only be issued for 2 years and should be renewed each 2 years and come at a price of 2000 MVR to be paid to Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA). If the ministry feels like the businesses are going against the criteria, the permission can be rightfully withdrawn from the respective businesses.

Forms to request for the permission should be submitted to either the respective councils or either through the Economic Ministry’s business portal. Though shops have now have an option to operate for 24 hours, all shops must remain open until 11 PM in the night.

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