Shunana and Co. Releases its Own Legal Database ‘Shuna.Law’

On 14 October 2021, Shunana and Co. LLP has released its very own database Shuna.Law. Shuna.Law legal database is a useful tool for legal research. This database was developed in collaboration with Skape Private Limited. Within this legal database will contain a case law database and a legal word book.

The database will contain all the judgements of the Supreme Court of Maldives and some of the latest decisions of the High Court. Text of all the judgements can be searchable. The database also provides features where you will be able to search judgement delivered by specific judges, specific court and specific type of case. Special symbol are used show status of the judgements or if a rule in the judgment is affected by another judgement.

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The legal word book was also released along with the database. Legal word book includes how the courts, laws and law dictionaries defines the word.

Along with the legal database, Al Usthaza Maryam Shunana also released a book titled “Vazeefaa aa behey Gaanoonee Usooluthah” (The employment legal rule book) This book compiles legal interpretations and legal rules of latest and important judgment of the Supreme Court of Maldives regarding employment law. This book was made in order to create a better understanding of legal rules and precedents established by the Supreme Court of Maldives regarding employment law.

This is the first phase of database. In the second phase, Shunana and Co.LLP intends to release legal rule books on different subject areas and a legal news which can be viewed from  Shunana stated that they have started phase 2 of the project.

Uza, Shunana and her team of lawyers found Public Interest Law Centres that provides free legal aid services in wide area of laws. This law center thus so far has provided free legal aid to thousands of people and conducted several legal awareness programs across the country. Shunana and her team also created mobile legal aid clinic program to provide legal aid and conducted legal awareness program to island communities in the Maldives.

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