SIMDI Group to Conduct Canon Photography Workshop

SIMDI Group, the authorised partner of Canon, is set to offer a series of photography workshops for enthusiasts looking to either begin or further their journey in the art. 

Under the instruction of Canon-certified professional, Yasin Hameed, participants will gain insights and skills tailored to their level of expertise.

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The courses are specifically designed to cater to various skill sets:

The Essentials (MVR 1250): This module is aimed at beginners and provides the foundational knowledge required for photography.

Creative Controls (MVR 1750): Ideal for those who have mastered the basics, this course delves into advanced techniques.

Studio Lighting (MVR 2500): Participants can learn the nuances of studio lighting to enhance the quality of their shots.

Light Room (MVR 2500): A deep dive into the functionalities of Lightroom to help photographers get the most out of the software.

Photoshop (MVR 1500): This module focuses on harnessing Photoshop to create and edit standout imagery.

The courses will take place at the SIMDI Tech Service Centre located at G. Greenlin, Neeloafaru Magu. However, the specific date for the commencement of the courses is yet to be decided.

Interested individuals can seek further details by contacting 3334427 or via email at Given the collaboration with Canon, attendees can expect a thorough and authentic learning experience.

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