SIMDI Launches New Showroom in Maafannu

SIMDI Cpd opened its third outlet, the SIMDI Cpd Maafannu Showroom, in Male’ on 22nd January 2023, featuring a collection of consumer products from globally acclaimed brands.

“SIMDI Cpd Maafannu Showroom” was officially opened by Mr. Mishal Ibrahim Mohamed Didi, Managing Director of SIMDI Group, and Mr. Yooshau Saeed, General Manager of SIMDI Group. 

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The brand-new outlet is located at M. Rechchafaru, Kanbaa Aisa Rani Hingun, Male, Maldives. With the opening of the new showroom, SIMDI Cpd has three outlets in Male’ and one in Addu City. 

During the inaugural ceremony conducted at the SIMDI Cpd Maafannu Showroom, Mr. Mishal Ibrahim Mohamed Didi, the Managing Director of SIMDI Group, conveyed his enthusiasm for the newly inaugurated outlet and elucidated on forthcoming plans for SIMDI Group: “We at SIMDI Group are delighted to broaden the accessibility of our products and services to our esteemed customers by establishing SIMDI Cpd’s third outlet. Our current primary focus is to expand our presence across the Maldives. We are presently evaluating and determining the optimal islands for our distribution and establishing additional outlets throughout the Maldives.”

Other SIMDI Cpd Locations:

SIMDI Cpd Henveriu Showroom
SIMDI Cpd Orchid Magu Showroom

The product selection at “SIMDI Cpd Maafannu Showroom” encompasses a diverse array of consumer goods from world-renowned brands, including Dunar Rice, Garofalo Pasta, Dilmah Tea, Noor Sunflower Oil & Mayonnaise, Santan Coconut Milk, Boncafe, Holsten, MyBizcuit, Tide, Baby Cheramy, Pampers, Mentos and many more brands. 

Also, Illy Coffee and Monin are among other brands available from the outlet. The SIMDI Cpd Maafannu outlet will cater to wholesale and retail customers.

SIMDI Cpd Maafannu Showroom” Opening Week Promotion: To celebrate the launch of “SIMDI Cpd Maafannu Showroom,” a special opening week promotion has been introduced from 22nd January to 28th January 2024. 

Every customer purchasing from the outlet during this period will be eligible to participate in the lucky draw. The lucky draw winners will be announced through our social media on 29th January 2024.


1st Prize: MVR 1,500.00 SIMDI Online App Gift Voucher
2nd Prize: MVR 1,000.00 SIMDI Online App Gift Voucher
3rd Prize: MVR 500.00 SIMDI Online App Gift Voucher

The gift vouchers can be redeemed for any product available through the SIMDI Online app, which features a comprehensive collection of 200+ Brands and 15,000+ Products and services. 

The app is accessible via Google Play and Apple’s App Store. SIMDI Cpd was established in 2002 with the aim of being the leading supplier of world-renowned fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) in the Maldives. 

SIMDI Cpd specialises in sourcing, marketing, and distributing world-renowned FMCG products to retail and wholesale customers. With our unwavering commitment to reliability, quality, and customer satisfaction today, we are one of Maldives’ leading consumer goods providers.

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