Singapore enters the top 10 list of the most competitive places for talent

Singapore has made its mark as it enters the top list of the most competitive places for talent, as ranked by IMD, a world-renowned business school in Switzerland.

According to IMD’s top list for 2019, Singapore has made a triple distinction on making the top 100 list for the first time. Rising three places and relegating Germany to eleventh place, Singapore is now the only country in Asia in the top 10. 

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The list released by IMD is based on a study of 63 economies from around the globe and assesses the level at which each one develops, attracts and retains professionals who are highly skilled.

In the category of “readiness”, Singapore received a score of 96.85 in the area of readiness, far higher than number-one ranked Switzerland, which got a score of 85.34. This category measures how available skills and competencies such as international experience and skills in language are.

The Asian country also scored high on secondary and primary education as well as in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) an International test for measuring how well students can solve problems with the use of their knowledge.

For the 2019 rankings, Singapore bested even the United States, in 12th place; Canada, in 13th place; and Australia, in 16th place.

The next nearest Asian country on the list is Hong Kong SAR, which took the 15th spot, followed by Taiwan, in 20th place.

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