SJ Trade Introduces ‘SJ Home Decor’ with a special ceremony

Photo: CNM

SJ Trade has introduced its 3rd shop ‘SJ Home Decor’ with a special ceremony held during the night of 1st December.

SJ Home Decor is located on the main road of Hulhumale’ towards the Sinamale’ bridge near SJ Hardware. The Shop was inaugurated by the Country Manager of Bank of Cylon (BOC), Mr B.K. Singha where he outlined that SJ is a highly trusted company having a lot of experience in the sector. 

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Director of SJ Trade, Mr Shihad Ibrahim stated that the aim of SJ Home Decor is to provide the best experience with the feeling of being at home where it will provide products with modern technology which can be controlled from smartphones to ensure the best possible experiences for a better home. He further stated that the new shop can provide equipment required for home automation and other products for home interior decoration while also offering consultancy and instalment services.

SJ Trade has been famous for providing its products such as hardware and aluminium at affordable prices. The company operates SJ Hardware and SJ Aluminium where it also manufactures and delivers its products such as aluminium doors throughout the atolls when ordered. 

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