Speaker Nasheed predicts compensation for TMA for an agreement that doesn’t exist, his former lawyer involved

Parliament Speaker Nasheed has said that any delay in getting the seaplane terminal issue being resolved could result in compensation for TMA for an agreement that doesn’t exist. Local medias have reported that international human rights lawyer Jared Genser, who represented Speaker Nasheed, is also one of the lawyers representing TMA in these commercial negotiations between Govt/MACL and TMA.

Anti Corruption Commission issued a statement stating that the state is set to lose USD 55 million every year on MACL seaplane terminal corruption scandal. Critics say that state will lose more than entire MMPRC corruption scandal in just 2 years with this deal.

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The Auditor General has said that the state is not responsible for TMA’s promises to resorts based on negotiations between MACL without a binding agreement. He made his statement at the Financial Committee of the Parliament where the case of TMA getting to manage the newly built seaplane terminal was being discussed and reviewed.

The AG said that TMA promising resorts things they cannot provide is TMA’s problem and not the state’s. He also said that there was no signed agreement between MACL and TMA to hand over the new terminal and that only discussions were held towards this potential handover.

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