Spokesperson Reveals Latest Developments in National Economic Recovery Efforts and PSIP Projects

The Spokesperson at the President’s Office, Mohamed Mabrook Azeez, on Monday, updated the media on the latest developments in the government’s activities. He also revealed the national economic recovery efforts and Public Sector Investment Program (PSIP) projects initiated to recover the Maldivian economy following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mabrook provided the latest information on the primary effort in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, which is immunisation. According to him, 84 per cent of the eligible population over the age of 18 years had been vaccinated against the virus, while 81 per cent of the eligible population above the age of 12 years had been vaccinated. He also revealed that, in comparison with the rest of the world, the Maldives had made significant progress in its vaccination programme.

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Mabrook also discussed the Maldives’ current promising trends in tourism, stating that the total number of tourist arrivals in August had already surpassed the total number of tourist arrivals in July, and that the total number of tourist arrivals in August is moderately equivalent to the number of arrivals last August.

Given the growing number of tourist arrivals to the Maldives, Mabrook claimed that relevant authorities such as the police and immigration are performing the necessary efforts to maintain safety. Moreover, Mabrook urged the media to encourage the public to get vaccinated as soon as they can.

During Monday’s press conference, Mabrook answered questions from journalists and clarified various public interest issues. 

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