BML Nurtures Business and SME Banking with Tailored Financing Solutions

    Bank of Maldives (BML) has strategically evolved beyond the conventional confines of a financial institution, standing as an ally to fostering success. At the core of BML’s strategy is a diverse range of financing solutions meticulously designed to cater to the varied needs of businesses. 

    These financial options, marked by a blend of innovation and reliability, aim to give businesses the essential financial support required for their growth.

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    BML distinguishes itself with products like Corporate Credit Cards, Online Banking Solutions, and comprehensive services through the Business Centre. These services provide a competitive edge, offering specialised advantages not commonly found among other market players. 

    Diverse Financing Options Tailored for Business Needs

    Retailers’ Loan: Businesses can now obtain up to three times their monthly point of sale (POS) sales average as a Retailer’s Loan, catering to various business needs. This option proves ideal for daily operational expenses or funding business expansion.

    Business Development Loan: Tailored for all business types, this loan allows borrowers to secure funds based on their specific needs. Key features include a low equity contribution, flexible repayment periods, and customisation options aligning with business requirements.

    Guest House Loan: Geared towards investors venturing into the guest house business, this loan offers financial options for construction and working capital. It features a competitive 12% interest rate, a 30% equity requirement, and a loan amount of up to MVR 30 million.

    Real Estate Loan: Ideal for funding real estate projects, including land purchase and development of residential or commercial premises. It offers varying equity and interest rate options, with no deposit required and a repayment period of up to 15 years.

    Vessel Finance Loan: Providing financing for vessel-related needs, this option requires a 30% equity contribution, with a fixed repayment period based on the borrower’s capacity.

    Cutting-edge Merchant Services Revolutionising Transactions

    Complementing these financing options, BML extends seamless transactions through its Merchant Services, featuring cutting-edge payment solutions:

    Merchant Portal & mPOS: Offering effortless online transactions, businesses can accept payments with BML’s Merchant Portal or mPOS App. The setup is fast and free, supporting all major payment methods without the need for a traditional card machine.

    Payment Gateway: Elevating online businesses, BML’s Payment Gateway boasts 3D secure features, quick fund settlements, and real-time information, ensuring a secure and streamlined e-commerce experience.

    POS Terminals: Embracing the future of transactions, BML’s merchant network allows businesses to accept contactless payments, digital wallets, and major international card brands with no setup or monthly fees.

    BML EasyPay: Adding an extra layer of convenience for high-value goods, this feature is activated on request, ensuring immediate payments upon settlement and enhancing the shopping experience without additional charges.

    The Bank of Maldives acts as a reliable partner and refrains from merely being a bank, presenting a suite of financing solutions and cutting-edge merchant services to propel businesses on their journey to success.

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