Cutting Edge Steel Brand MELWA, Brought to You by Bison Maldives

    Leading construction firm Bison Maldives has partnered with MELWA, Sri Lanka’s largest steel maker, to meet the industry’s current and future demands. 

    The MELWA-Bison Act was implemented in the Maldives because of its global influence. Offering reasonable rates and lead times from Colombo to Male’ will accommodate the industry’s small and large requirements with product customization, hence eliminating wastage on building sites. MELWA, wholly owned by a Sri Lankan family, is currently the largest steel maker and market leader in Sri Lanka.

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    MELWA’s brand name is linked with quality and perfection. It is a household favourite and a trusted and reliable business partner. MELWA’s primary purpose is to adhere to the necessary manufacturing standards of steel for the building industry and the expansion of infrastructure. As the market leader in Sri Lanka’s industrial sector, MELWA is currently extending into other industries (hotel and health) and global business endeavours.

    MELWA steel products are available through Bison Maldives Pvt Ltd. The primary advantage is the travel time between the ports of Colombo and Male’. Shipments could be delivered to the Maldives within 5 days, and the pricing per ton is quite affordable and competitive.

    Steel-QST Reinforcement Bars (Quenched/Self-Tempered and Deformed)

    They are created using cutting-edge technology and are widely used in the construction industry to reinforce concrete. The design criteria surpass expectations with a grade RB 500 and production in compliance with BS4449 certification and ISO 1786.

    Advantages include increased tensile and flexural strength, improved ductility and bending ability, and enhanced tolerance for high temperatures and high humidity in the environment.

    MS Wire Rods

    Wire rods demonstrate their quality by attaining SLS26. In this accomplishment, premium low-carbon billets that fulfil SAE 1006 and 1008 requirements play a pivotal role.

    GI Tubes/GI Pipes/Clamps

    The production of GI Pipes/GI Tubes and Clamps has made it possible to meet demand by procuring raw materials of the highest quality from renowned manufacturers. The GI plant is outfitted with European technology and equipment and adheres to European quality standards.

    Bison Maldives is currently one of the country’s leading construction firms. Bison Group is involved in a variety of industries, including resort construction, real estate development, aluminium, and glass production, hardware, retail, fashion, and hospitality. Bison’s expert construction management team has given its clients a competitive edge, allowing them to complete some of the largest resort projects in the Maldives in the recent past.

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