Dhiraagu: Driving the Digital Future of Maldives’ Tourism

    As the telecommunications sector intertwines with the world of travel, Dhiraagu remains as the driver of the digital transformation of Maldivian tourism. The company’s strategic initiatives have played a key role in accelerating the evolution and broadening the horizons of the tourism industry, amplifying the Maldives’ status on the global map, as the nation’s leading telecommunications and digital service operator.

    Dhiraagu’s infrastructural investments have enabled the first nationwide mobile coverage. This technological advancement has not only solidified communication between remote atolls and islands but also provided high-speed connectivity; an invaluable asset for the country, seamlessly merging traditional paradises with modern amenities.

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    Delving deeper into the corporate values of Dhiraagu, one identifies a clear commitment to the tourism industry through its diversified product portfolio. Tailored specifically to cater to both small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and larger corporate entities, these products signify the company’s visionary approach to integrating and streamlining operations in the tourism arena.

    Last year, during the ’50 Years of Tourism’ celebrations, Dhiraagu was honoured with prestigious accolades in recognition of their significant contributions. These awards acknowledged Dhiraagu’s pivotal role in innovating and growing the Maldivian tourism industry, stemming from its development of the nation’s telecommunication framework.

    Dhiraagu’s technological advancements have been foundational in elevating the Maldivian tourism industry, blending tradition with modernity and showcasing the Maldives’ esteemed position in global tourism.

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