Dhiraagu: The Pioneers Who Ushered the Island Nation into the Digital Age

    On 1 October 1988, a significant milestone in Maldivian telecommunications was marked when Dhivehi Raajjeyge Gulhun Plc, more commonly known as Dhiraagu, began its operations. Over the past three decades, the company has been instrumental in propelling the Maldives to the forefront of digital communication, ensuring that people living in the Maldives remain connected and competitive on a global scale.

    From its inception, Dhiraagu quickly established a reputation for innovation and excellence. They were the first to launch internet services in the island nation, a move which transformed the way Maldivians communicate, work, and entertain themselves. The introduction of the mobile phone service set a new standard in personal communication, bringing a once-distant world closer to home.

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    In their continuous mission for superior connectivity, Dhiraagu introduced both 3G and subsequently 4G services throughout the Maldives. An impressive feat is the company’s achievement in delivering 100% mobile coverage to every populated island, covering resorts and significant industrial areas. This ensures that no matter where one is in the Maldives, they remain connected., Dhiraagu was also the first service provider to introduce commercial 5G service in the Maldives and in South Asia.

    In order to further enhance its network resiliency and improve service quality, Dhiraagu became a member of the SEA-ME-WE 6 consortium in early 2022. This positions the Maldives as part of the latest global super-highway and demonstrates the company’s continued investment efforts to strengthen the digital connectivity of the Maldives 

    The company has been pivotal in providing internet services to a staggering 90% of national households across the country. The legacy of Dhiraagu is evident in the telecommunication and digital infrastructure they have built in the Maldives. The nation’s contemporary high-speed connectivity mirrors the company’s foresight, tenacity, and allegiance to Maldivian technological advancement.

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