Discover Tailored Corporate Banking Solutions with BML

    Bank of Maldives (BML) presents a suite of corporate banking services designed to cater to the distinct needs of corporate clients. The Corporate Banking Division at BML serves as the main touchpoint for corporate customers via our Relationship Managers, offering dedicated personal assistance and efficient business relationship models.

    BML’s efforts to understand varied sectors and individual customer needs have resulted in transformed customer relationships. Notably, the bank has made tremendous progress in building trust between corporate customers and the bank, forming an everlasting partnership.

    Overview of Corporate Banking Services

    BML stands out by providing a full spectrum of client-focused services meticulously structured to align with the risk profiles and specific needs of clients. The superior product delivery, industry benchmark service levels, and strong customer orientation position BML as the ideal partner to enhance and propel businesses forward.

    Facilitating Business Operations with Tailored Account Services

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    Recognising the crucial role of smooth business operations, BML offers a range of account services to support daily business needs. This includes Current Accounts in multiple foreign currencies (MVR|USD|EURO), Escrow Accounts, and Fixed Deposit Accounts. Corporate customers can schedule a meeting with their Relationship Manager to conveniently open an account.

    Expert Financial Advisory Services

    As the leading corporate bank with over 30 years of experience and a widespread network, BML is the preferred choice for foreign direct investors seeking local banking support. The dedicated Corporate Banking team provides expert financial advisory services, delivering optimal solutions to businesses, including Foreign Direct Investment Advisory, Project Financing Advisory, and Syndication of Facilities.

    Customised Financing Solutions

    Relationship Managers at BML work closely with clients to offer customise financing solutions that meet specific requirements, whether for everyday expenses or expanding businesses locally or internationally. The comprehensive financing options include Working Capital Financing, Project Financing and Syndications, Demand Loans, and Structured Financing.

    Empowering International Trade with Specialised Solutions

    For businesses engaged in international trade or with overseas operations, BML’s specialist teams provide support to maximise international trading potential. From optimising transaction turnaround times to expanding into new markets while minimising risk, the array of trade-related products includes Letter of Credit (LC), Trade Collections, Trade Finance, Bank Guarantees (BG), Telegraphic Transfer (TT), and more.

    Integrated Cash Management Services

    Understanding the intricacies of business management, BML offers a truly integrated range of trade services. From information and risk mitigation to financing and settlement solutions, BML supports the entire value chain, from procurement to processing to post-sales. For businesses seeking a reliable partner in effective business management, the Bank of Maldives stands as the trusted choice.

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