Maldives’ Foreign Ministry Takes Center Stage: Highlights from Global Diplomatic Engagements

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Maldives serves as a crucial ambassador of the nation’s interests and a facilitator of international relations. During a series of prominent meetings and forums, the Maldives has actively engaged with the international community, exhibiting its commitment to finding collaborative solutions and making meaningful contributions on various fronts. Let us delve into some of the key events where the Maldives delegation, led by Foreign Minister Shahid, showcased its dedication to multilateralism and its efforts to foster positive change on the world stage.

    Munich Leaders Meeting in Tokyo, Japan

    In a bid to address pressing global challenges, Foreign Minister Shahid participated in the Munich Leaders Meeting held in Tokyo, Japan. This gathering of world leaders aimed to foster dialogue and collaboration on issues such as climate change, security, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

    EU-Indo-Pacific Ministerial Forum

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    Foreign Minister Shahid co-moderated a roundtable discussion during the EU-Indo-Pacific Ministerial Forum. This event aimed to enhance cooperation between the European Union and the Indo-Pacific region, with a focus on sustainable development, connectivity, and security.

    UPR Working Group – 43rd Session

    The Maldives actively participated in the 43rd Session of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Working Group. The UPR serves as a platform for member states to review each other’s human rights records and make recommendations for improvement.

    52nd Session of the Human Rights Council

    The Maldives delegation played an active role in the 52nd Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council. This session provided an opportunity for the Maldives to contribute to discussions on human rights issues and engage in multilateral dialogue.

    Seventy-Ninth Session of UNESCAP

    The Foreign Secretary of the Maldives represented the nation at the Seventy-Ninth Session of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP). This session focused on regional cooperation, sustainable development, and the achievement of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda.

    Berlin Economic Forum 2023

    Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid highlighted the challenges faced by small states and called for greater global attention during the Berlin Economic Forum 2023. This forum focused on economic cooperation, sustainable development, and addressing the needs of vulnerable nations.

    United Nations Human Rights Council – 52nd Session

    The 52nd Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council provided another platform for the Maldives to engage in human rights discussions and contribute to the global discourse on important issues.

    Virtual COVID-19 Global Action Plan Ministerial Meeting

    Foreign Minister Shahid participated in a virtual ministerial meeting focused on the COVID-19 Global Action Plan. The meeting aimed to coordinate international efforts to combat the pandemic and mitigate its social, economic, and health impacts.

    Fifth Intersessional Meeting of the Human Rights Council

    Maldives actively participated in the Fifth Intersessional Meeting of the Human Rights Council on Human Rights and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, held in Geneva. This meeting explored the intersection of human rights and sustainable development goals.

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