MTCC Introduces Yanmar Fishing Cruiser to the Maldivian Market

    The Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) has introduced a Yanmar-branded recreational boat to the Maldives market during the Maldives Marine Expo 2023. The boat model introduced was the VF23AZ Zarpa 23Ⅱ, specifically designed for recreational and leisure activities.

    This Yanmar fishing cruiser boasts a spacious and wide cabin that is easy to navigate and equipped with high-quality fishing functions. The cabin door, which is movable and located next to the rotary captain seat, allows passengers to fish while manoeuvring, providing a unique fishing experience. This model is designed to give passionate fishermen more freedom and adventure, in line with the Spanish word “Zarpa” meaning “departure” or “claws.”

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    One of the key features of the Zarpa 23Ⅱ is its engine and styling. It is equipped with a powerful and reliable diesel engine, the 4JH3 HTZY1, that provides high power and low fuel consumption, making it a cost-effective option. The boat’s stern drive has a compact design for smooth turning and manoeuvrability, while the multi-drive is compatible with trolling, ideal for slow running. The boat’s hull is designed with a high-speed V-type ship that has excellent ride comfort and smoother manoeuvrability. The effectiveness of the spanker reduces the swaying motion caused by wind. These features make the Zarpa 23Ⅱ a powerful and refreshing ride.

    This Yanmar fishing cruiser caters to a wide range of users, including tourist resorts, local guest houses, sports fishing enthusiasts, and individuals involved in big-game and other recreational fishing activities. Its spacious design and practical layout provide freedom for fishing and driving simultaneously, as well as a comfortable space and a variety of easy-to-use functions. The deck-integrated bowsprit on the boat’s bow deck makes it easy to fish and anchor, while the open bulwark on the aft deck allows for easy outfitting to cater to various fishing styles.

    Its spacious design and practical layout cater to a wide range of users and simultaneously provide freedom for fishing and driving, making it an excellent option for tourist resorts, local guest houses, and sports fishing enthusiasts.

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