Staple Food Prices Established all Around Maldives

The government has established a fixated price for staple foods being sold by STO all across the country. Establishment of set prices for staple food are part of President Honorable Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s presidential pledges to the country.

Due to the changes, from 1st April 2019 onwards, staple foods which include rice, flour and sugar will be sold at the same price as Male in other islands in Maldives. President Solih sent out a tweet confirming the changes and thanked the Management of STO and staff for making his pledge a reality.

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The fixated prices for sale of staple foods are now as following.

TypePrice per kg / MVRPrice per sack / MVR
Rice 4.80240

STO has currently gotten agents to sell staple foods in 112 islands and are working on finding agents for the remaining 61. All islands with an agent will be able to buy the staple foods for previously mentioned prices.

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