State Minister Khaleel Calls for Stronger Unity Among Archipelagic Island States

The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Khaleel, today delivered a statement at the 1st High-level Meeting of the Archipelagic Island States (AIS) Forum. The Forum is held under the theme “Fostering Collaboration. Enabling Innovation. For Our Ocean, and Our Future ” in Bali, Indonesia. 

During his statement, State Minister Khaleel stated that the Maldives supports the elevation of the Archipelagic and Island States Forum to a charter-based organisation. He characterised this step as enhancing collaboration towards advancing shared priorities. He further called for more collaboration within the framework of the AIS Forum to tackle shared threats for all archipelagic and island states including climate change and environmental and ocean degradation.

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The Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) Forum was established in 2018 and serves as a platform that brings together 51 archipelagic and island states to deliberate and discuss common challenges.

State Minister Khaleel was accompanied by Assistant Director Aminath Shazly Saleem, Assistant Director Aishath Rayaahyn, and Senior Desk Officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mariyam Ahushaau.

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