State Revenue at MVR 446.1m in Three Weeks

The stated earned MVR 446.1 million in the first three weeks since the beginning of this year, according to statistics published by the Ministry of Finance.

While the revenue stands at MVR 446.1 million, the expenditure stood at MVR 644 million by January 21st. It was also detailed that 73 percent of the state revenue was earned through tax collection, accounting for a total of MVR 325.3 million.

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The statistics also highlighted that MVR 2.5 million was received as grants within this period.

The state had also spent MVR 96.8 million for loan repayments until January 21, and to compare, the loan expenditure for the same period in 2020 was MVR 89 million.

A state budget of MVR 34 billion was passed by the government for this year, which includes grants and aid totaling MVR 21 billion.

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