STELCO Discontinues Plastic Water Bottle Production

State Electric Company (STELCO) has announced the discontinuation of plastic water bottle manufacturing.

This was undertaken as part of STELCO’s aim to eliminate single-use plastic. Hassan Mughnee, Managing Director of STELCO, stated that this decision was taken to help minimize the environmental damage caused by plastic pollution. He also expressed the hope that more companies will follow in STELCO’s footsteps and undertake similar measures.

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Under the company’s Green Life initiative, STELCO also stopped using single-use plastic in 35 of its power plants in April. After the banning of single-use plastics, the company gave its employees reusable water bottles and cloth bags.

Furthermore, the company revealed that it has installed water dispensers in each department at its main headquarters to encourage proper water intake and a healthy lifestyle in the workplace.

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