STELCO Upgrades Water Supply in ADh. Dhangethi

The State Electric Company Limited (STELCO) has launched an initiative to expand the water supply network in ADh. Dhangethi. The project was inaugurated in a ceremony at Dhangethi on Thursday, led by STELCO’s Managing Director, Ahmed Shareef, and Vice President of Dhangethi Council, Imran Ahmed.

Vice President Imran remarked that despite Dhangethi’s water system being inaugurated in 2018, residents have faced challenges accessing a consistent water supply. The existing system has also been unable to adequately serve the island’s thriving tourism sector, which consists of 280 beds across 18 guest houses. Complaints from tourists about saltwater intrusion have intensified calls for an upgraded system.

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Shareef noted that water supply issues were already a focal point during his initial visit to Dhangethi after assuming his role at STELCO. Furthermore, he outlined the challenges tied to STELCO’s system takeover. “In 2014, a foreign enterprise was tasked with Dhangethi’s water system development. By 2018, the project was finalised and handed to the Housing Ministry, intending to transition its management to STELCO. However, STELCO remains committed to adopting systems only after stringent standard checks,” Shareef added.

Shareef elaborated that these standards required ensuring the full functionality of the system upon commencement of service.

Shareef shed light on the current system’s shortcomings, such as rusting storage tanks and an ill-suited RO plant. He  stated, “The present pipework was deemed unfit for efficiently delivering pressurised water.”

To address these concerns, STELCO has mapped out a rectification strategy. This includes the installation of two 365-tonne tanks, updating meters for 395 users, and laying a 7,000-metre network line. 

Initially projected to span six months, STELCO now targets a three-month completion timeframe.

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