STELCO Installs 30kWp Solar Panels on Roof of New Powerhouse in V. Thinadhoo

State Electric Company (STELCO) has announced that it has installed 30kWp solar panels on the roof of the new power station in Vaavu Thinadhoo.

This initiative by STELCO will help to reduce dependency on fuel, and increase the use of renewable energy in the Maldives.

Harnessing solar power will be important for our energy future, providing energy diversity and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels that pollute the environment. Opting for solar energy is not only financially rewarding but also enabling you to make a great contribution to avoid fossil fuel and making our world a better place for today and generations to come.

With the Green Life initiative, STELCO has taken the fight for renewable energy production head-on. In 2020, the company launched a new solar center to provide photovoltaic solutions across the country, while deploying solar generation in its network, to achieve very ambitious short–term goals. STELCO provides solar generations and installation.

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