STELCO Launches “Eid Ali” Initiative to Illuminate Maldives for Fitr-Eid

State Electric Company Limited (STELCO) has unveiled “Eid Ali” (Shining Eid) – an initiative to illuminate islands across the Maldives with festive lights in celebration of Fitr-Eid.

Hussain Fahmy, Managing Director of STELCO, emphasised the significance of this initiative, describing it as a pivotal religious and national undertaking.

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He underscored President Muizzu’s commitment to revitalising Islamic values of unity and camaraderie through this initiative in a statement published on the social media platform X.

Fahmy expressed optimism that the illuminated landscape would reignite the joyous essence of Eid, fostering a sense of patriotism among Maldivians and inspiring future generations to cherish and celebrate this occasion wholeheartedly.

Collaborating closely with island councils and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, STELCO deployed teams to several major cities under the project.

Reflecting on the collective endeavour, Fahmy acknowledged the hard work of STELCO employees and the entire company in leading the orchestrating of this transformative initiative.

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