STELCO Launches “Save Energy” Campaign 2022

STELCO has today launched its “Save Energy” campaign in time for the hottest days of Iruvai season.

Speaking at the meeting held to launch the campaign, Managing Director of STELCO Hassan Mughnee stated that the campaign is conducted annually to create awareness among the public on economizing electricity.

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Mughnee also said that the campaign will be expanded this year and more resources will be utilized.

“This information needs to be provided to the public through various platforms, as a reason for the increase in electricity bills,” he said.

In this regard, Mughnee said interactive content will be shared on social media platforms. STELCO’s LED board will also be promoting the campaign.

A programme will also be conducted for school children to create awareness about STELCO’s work, and to provide information on energy savings. According to Mughnee, similar programmes would be conducted in some government institutions as well.

Mughnee added that a children’s evening will be held during the campaign. Some competitions will also be held whereby winners will receive prize money.

While electricity consumption increases every year during the hot season, if necessary measures are taken, electricity costs will be reduced by 15 percent, stated STELCO.

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