STELCO Preparing to Provide Renewable Electricity to Five Islands

The State Electric Company (STELCO) is planning to power five islands with renewable energy sources, said Managing Director Hussain Fahmy in a recent TV interview with PSM News.

Practical work is set to commence within the coming months in 5 islands where STELCO operates, said Fahmy, adding that STELCO plans to extend renewable electricity services to all 33 islands under its purview. 

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Reflecting on the procurement journey, Fahmy acknowledged initial challenges concerning bid pricing but expressed satisfaction with later offers.

“The price of the first bids was high at first, so we opened for bidding a second time. (Then) the bids were at a reasonable price,” he told PSM News.

According to Fahmy, STELCO aims to provide 12 hours of battery-powered electricity to these 5 islands by year-end, with plans for further expansion.

Highlighting the prospective economic benefits of renewable energy integration, Fahmy noted that the initiative would reduce fuel-related expenditure. 

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