STELCO Reassures Uninterrupted Power Supply Amidst Rumours

In response to recent rumours circulating in local media outlets, the State Electric Company Limited (STELCO) has taken steps to clarify its stance and reassure the public that there will be no disruptions to the power supply in connection with the upcoming presidential elections.

STELCO, as a provider of essential services integral to the daily lives of citizens, emphasises its commitment to ensuring uninterrupted services through planned maintenance and upgrades. The company has pledged to communicate all pertinent details, including the timing and location of any such works, via social media and various media platforms.

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Contrary to recent allegations in local media, STELCO categorically denies any intention to curtail power supply to The Hiyaa Towers or any other location in relation to the presidential elections. The company firmly asserts that these reports lack any factual basis.

STELCO has historically welcomed constructive criticism but maintains a zero-tolerance policy against misinformation and the spreading of baseless rumours that could sow confusion among the public, particularly when it concerns essential services.

Acknowledging the fundamental principles of freedom of the press and freedom of expression enshrined in the Constitution and international treaties within which the Maldives participates, STELCO calls on all media outlets to uphold these values while providing information to the public. The company urges responsible reporting and adherence to established standards to ensure the accuracy and credibility of news disseminated to the people.

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