STELCO to Provide Relief on Fines for Overdue Utility Bills

Ahmed Shareef, the Managing Director of State Electric Company Limited (STELCO), has revealed that a policy is being formulated for fine relief of customers who were unable to pay their bills due to unfortunate circumstances.

Speaking about the issue, Shareef noted that STELCO currently has no policy in place to relieve fines issued to customers who were unable to pay their bills on time, due to sudden unfortunate circumstances. As such, he stated that STELCO is working on making changes to its policies to allow fine relief.

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Furthermore, Shareef added that a survey has been conducted on the work of the company, which identified certain areas which can be improved. He noted the application forms it currently uses will be updated to make it easier for customers to receive services.

The organisational structure has also undergone significant changes under Mr. Shareef, with the introduction of two new managerial departments including a designated department for renewable energy.

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