STELCO to Waive MVR 30 Water Bill Fee During Ramadan

The State Electric Company Limited (STELCO) has announced that it will no longer charge the MVR 30 fee on water bills beginning next month, according to STELCO Managing Director Hussain Fahmy. The decision comes as part of a broader initiative to ease financial burdens during the holy month of Ramadan.

In a statement released yesterday, Fahmy highlighted the decision made by President Dr Muizzu to cap electricity and water bills during Ramadan, emphasising the government’s commitment to addressing the concerns of the people. He commended President Muizzu’s dedication to serving the public interest and ensuring that policies are implemented to benefit the population.

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“This government’s responsiveness to the needs of the people is evident in its actions,” Fahmy stated. “President Muizzu’s personal involvement in addressing the issue of high electricity and water bills reflects his empathy and consideration for the sentiments of the citizens.”

Fahmy noted that the month of Ramadan typically sees an increase in electricity and water consumption, making the decision to waive the MVR 30 fee particularly timely and impactful for consumers.

STELCO, which provides water services to nine islands including AA.Ukhulhas, AA.Thoddoo, ADh. Mahibadhoo, K. Guraidhoo. AA. Rasdhoo, K. Gulhi, ADh. Hangameedhoo, ADh. Mandhoo and AA. Mathiveri, currently imposes the fee on households in these areas.

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