STELCO Urges Energy Conservation During Maldives’ Hottest Days of the Year

State Electric Company (STELCO) has urged its customers to conserve electricity, as the country faces the hottest days of the year.

Energy consumption is often especially high during the month of April, when temperatures typically reach the highest in the Maldives. Information released by the Maldives Meteorological Service shows that on average, April has been the hottest months of the year over the last 30 years, with the temperature reaching the warmest at 02:00 pm.

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This year, the month of April also coincides with Ramadan, which is another period when electricity consumption is high.

In a statement on Friday, the state-owned utility company advised customers to pay greater attention to energy consumption levels, and to remain careful in using appliances such as air conditioners that typically consume more energy.

STELCO has stated that with necessary measures, electricity bills can be lowered by 15 percent when energy consumption rises in the month of April.

The company had launched its annual ‘Save Energy’ campaign in February earlier this year.

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