“Stingray” Music App Suitable for Any Mood: Dhiraagu

The telecommunication service provider Dhiraagu has introduced playlists, suitable for any mood at any time with their music application “Stingray”.

At a Ceremony in Dhiraagu Head Office, this product was previously launched which is available free of charge for its customers. Stingray app is a music app that enables streaming of international hit-list of music and the worlds’ popular music artists’ songs. It updates weekly 40 songs from the world top chart.

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It allows the customization of different genres, the playlist of various artists, and songs for various occasions.

Dhiraagu states that nowadays nothing is possibly done well without the perfect playlist. “Even if it is cooking at home alone, working out, getting together with friends, or preparing for a barbeque a playlist is required. The best solution is to quickly download stingray application to your phone”, added Dhiraagu.

“We understand that the English music lovers of the Maldives use apps that are purchased thus, we thought of sharing the app for the ease of customers. Stingray is a popular app on Google Play and Apple Store. This application can be downloaded via the link: https://bit.ly/2Bk7gmJ

Dhiraagu said the company wishes to introduce various digital services for the customers, in the future.

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