STO Announces Special Promotion on Devondale Milk

State Trading Organization (STO) has begun a special promotion on Devondale brand milk last Thursday.

Under this promotion, which began on 15th July, customers will receive a coupon for each purchase of MVR 1000. The promotion is being carried out at STO Supermart, STO Supermart Wholesale Center, as well as STO’s regional stores.

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At the end of the promotion, a lucky draw will be held to determine a winner. The winner will receive a gift hamper comprising various products from STO Home Improvement.

Furthermore, the price of Devondale full cream 1 litre cartons has also been lowered under this promotion. While one 1 liter carton of Devondale full cream milk is sold for MVR 23, two cartons are now sold for a total of MVR 40.

According to STO, the promotion will run until 15th November 2021.

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