STO assures that Staple Foods & Medicine will be available without fail during COVID-19 breakout

STO management has assured the public that Staple Foods and Medicine will be available without fail throughout the COVID0-19 breakout. STO has promised that they will lead by example as usual during the time of a national crisis.

STO has stated that now is not the time to panic over the discovery of COVID-19 and hoard resources. During a press conference last night Managing Director of STO, Husen Amr reassured that it had enough staple food stocks for the public & the public can buy staple foods without interruption in the coming months. 

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STO also said that food can also be transported to the outer atolls as needed by the people. It then added that it has reduced the sale of sanitizers to the public due to medical institutions needing it more.   

Two cases of COVID-19 were recently discovered in the Maldives and has caused some panic among the public.

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