STO brings barges to carry cargo for the regional shops

STO brings two barges from Indonesia named “ITHA” & “AILA” to cargo shipments of STO regional shops.

One of the barges named Itha is 42.10 metres in length and has the capacity to carry 250 metric tonnes. The second barge Aila is 37.50 in length and can carry 200 metric tonnes of cargo.

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The STO Managing Director, Ahmed Shahir said in the inaugural ceremony of the operations of the barges, that it would be easy to transport cargo to regional outlets independently now. He also said that these ships would operate according to the ISO standards and has to be very well maintained.

The General Manager of STO Transport Department, Mr Abdul Waheed Moosa also spoke at this ceremony about the high cost of renting and maintaining wooden ships. Due to the barges, the yearly expenditures of STO and demurrage rates would decrease.




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