STO Collaborates with Hulhumale’ Hospital to Establish a CSSD

State Trading Organization (STO) has teamed up with Hulhumale’ Hospital to inaugurate a cutting-edge Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD). 

This partnership entrusts STO with comprehensive oversight of the project, from devising the interior design blueprint to ensuring the procurement and installation of requisite equipment.

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The core purpose of a CSSD is to rigorously cleanse, disinfect, and sterilise equipment widely used in hospitals, encompassing everything from surgical instruments to basic materials such as cotton and dressings. Such a facility is crucial in guaranteeing that patients, particularly in critical zones like operation theatres, are accorded care in a hygienic and contaminant-free setting.

With Hulhumale’ Hospital witnessing a consistent surge in its patient demographic, the imperative for a modern CSSD has become even more salient. To this end, the renowned Spanish firm, Matachana, distinguished for its extensive expertise in the sterilisation arena, has been roped in. It’s worth noting that Matachana’s sterilisation equipment is also a hallmark of the CSSD at IGMH.

Under the scope of this collaboration between STO and Matachana, Hulhumale’ Hospital is poised to benefit from a bespoke infrastructure, complete with top-notch equipment, interior designs, installation protocols, and exhaustive training modules for the departmental personnel.

The project is anticipated to reach fruition within a span of 262 days.

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