STO Construction Solutions Launches Ramadan Bazaar with Exclusive Discounts

STO Construction Solutions launches its annual Ramadan Bazaar promotion today, slated to continue until April 11th, offering enticing discounts on a range of products.

Customers can take advantage of discounts of up to 50 percent on various STO products available at select locations including the Makita Showroom and the STOC Construction Solutions Showroom on Ameenee Road, as well as the Nippon Showroom in L. Funadhoo.

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As part of the promotion, customers will receive a digital coupon for every MVR500 spent, with a chance to participate in a draw held at the end of Ramadan. The draw will determine the recipient of a substantial MVR 50,000 gift voucher from STO Construction Solutions. 

Additionally, six winners will have the opportunity to procure goods worth MVR 5,000 from STO Construction Solutions outlets, including commonly used construction materials such as cement, stone, gravel, and acclaimed Nippon paint.

Notably, Nippon Paint, recognised as Singapore’s leading paint brand, is exclusively distributed by STO, alongside Makita, in Maldives.

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