STO Electronics showroom officially reopened

Photo: Avas

STO officially reopened their electronics showroom with many well known brands.

Mr Hussain Salim, chairman of STO Plc opened the showroom which is located in City Square (Umar Shopping Arcade). The showroom was opened on 3rd February 2018 after a hiatus of 6 years. Mr Salim said that he had high hopes for “Emmenge STO”.

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The General Manager of STO Home Improvements, Mohamed Murad stated that they had included the items that customers would be needing. “Customers requested us to include laptops. In addition to this, mobile phones, audio and video equipment will also be available in the STO Electronics showroom. All of the equipment in the showroom will come with a warranty”, Murad stated.

STO has started a new promotion with the opening of their latest showroom. Upto 15 percent discount is available on products at the showroom. A lucky draw will be held each week and the winners will be given a gift worth MVR 20,000. In addition to this, STO Electronics has an on-going visit and win promotion, whereby customers have the opportunity to win a TV and a headphone every day.

STO Electronics was the most popular showrooms in Male’. The showroom which used to be open in the 1990s included a variety of brands, and was equipped with an escalator back then as well.

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